Bangla Video Editing Book-Adobe Premiere Desktop Video Editing-Book Review

If you want to learn video editing and manage your video for own interest or if you want to learn professional video editing, a good trainer can teach you well. But if you can’t manage a good trainer to learn video editing, then what should you do?

Various Types of MBA Degree With Their Objectives

MBA or the Master of Business Administration is the widely popular post graduate degree and the most taken and asked for degrees of the present world and specially in the business world. It provides the degree holders to have a nice job in an attractive business environment. It has it’s variations with due perspectives. So let us not waste any more time and see through what they are.

Ke Kotha Koy by Humayun Ahmed

Download Ke Kotha Koy by Humayun Ahmed and read a story of an autistic person. The novel named Ke Kotha Koy by Humayun Ahmed is a novel which has a pathetic story inner the book and pre-writing of the book. 

Bangla Poem or Bangla Kobita book Named Nirjhor by Kazi Nazrul Islam

All of us know that Kazi Nazrul Islam is the national poet of Bangladesh. The great poet has written so many stronger voiced Bangla poems and Bangla songs. The songs written by Kazi Nazrul Islam are treated as the "Nazrul Sangit" which are so rich by the structure of words. Kazi Nazrul Islam can also sing a song so nicely. He can flute so skillfully.

Why You Should Have an MBA Degree-5 Reasons to Earn an MBA Degree

MBA Degree
MBA-Master of Business Administration, this illustration of the words explains every worth reason why you should approach a such degree. If not cleared, let us put it this way, ‘Who controls the world now? 

MBA–Master of Business Administration–Understanding the MBA Degree

MBA or the Master of Business Administration is probably the most craved degree in the current world now but before you think of joining it, you have to learn what it is and even if you are not eager to get one, knowing one will always be beneficial.

Bangla Entrepreneurship Book- Hand Book of Entrepreneurship Development-Book Review

Bangladesh is a such kind of developing country in which 55% young among all population. And the broad concept is that the working power and energy are mostly existed among the young person, we know it well. If we want to prove our merits and hard working power, there is a attractive path to prove it by showing our innovation, hard working, creative thought in the field of our career.

Bangladesh University of Textiles

Bangladesh University of Textile
“Knowledge is power.” Following this motto in 2010, here started the only public university for textile engineering. And that is Bangladesh University of Textiles, Broadly known as BUTex.

How to Make Excellent Result/Grades in HSC Exam-8 Tips

HSC exam or Higher Secondary Certificate exam is a crucial exam for the students. Just after the SSC exam it’s a new kind of syllabus for the students. No Multiple Choice Question (MCQ) and all subjects are to be answered in written. So, at first the exam system may seem a little difficult to the students just after completing the SSC exam. But do not worry. If you stick to the right way, you can make good result in HSC Exam.